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Just a random gameplay idea from the shower – a variant mode of playing checkers or drafts.

The variant adds a single rule: the ability to spend a turn “phasing” 2 pieces across to adjacent opposite-coloured squares (e.g. black if you’re already playing on the white). As always, un-kinged pieces cannot move backwards, so phasing them can only be done sideways or forwards. Kings can be phased in any direction, but count as two pieces. However, if the king is in the home row (i.e. the row closest to the player) and there are two empty opposite-coloured spaces in the same row on either side of the king, the two pieces that make up the king can be phased in two separate directions to become two ordinary pieces in the home row. In other words, if you can get a piece across the board to king it, and then get it back to your side of the board and have room, you have the option of splitting your king into two regular pieces.

If you’re playing with phasing you would definitely want to have 3 rows of pieces, not the variant I was originally taught where each side has only 2 rows (for a total of 8 pieces).


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