A polite way of saying someone is not only in denial, but has selected their own backside as the inadequate-hiding-place of choice. And is usually talking out their rear end as a result.

You heard it here first!

Or possibly second – I coined it for a quickie comment rebutting some typical geek whinging about how “women” make illogical relationship choices and choose jerks, so it’s posted over there. So depending on how quickly the comments are moderated it might come up there first. But I liked it enough to run some searches on the phrase, and it only turns up once, as someone’s interpretation of a squiggle of icing that apparently looks like an “ostrich contortionist sniffing its own butt.”

So it’s all mine! Mwa ha ha ha!

(Side note: Not quite sure how women are supposed to make the disctinction between “jerk” and “guy who whinges about ‘women’ because one woman, or even several, didn’t choose him“. If there is actually a distinction… Maybe they saw the sense of entitlement that implies that they are obliged to choose him because the alternatives are worse? Maybe they disagree with his rankings? Maybe they don’t see the jerky behaviour he does, because – shock – jerks deceive jerkees? Maybe they’re conditioned by the same screwed-up culture that causes geek guys to act against their own interests? Maybe they just saw his petulant streak?)