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So this is the big thing I’ve been working on. I looked at ways to commercialise it, but even if I did the plan is that it would go open-source and community-controlled eventually anyway, and I really don’t want to spend the time it would take on that kind of bureaucracy for an idea that is a way-to-publish, not something publishable in and of itself. (I.e. I want more time for actual writing and design.) So I’m just putting it out there to see whether the idea takes off.

Essentially, I have a fictional setting that I’ve used for various personal projects, and I want to share it in such a way that it becomes part of the cultural commons without precluding the possibility of making a buck from it under existing economic systems. I couldn’t find an existing way to do that, so I invented one.


Another idea spawned by my OpenWorld work – basically the idea here is that you might write a song or a short story, whatever – and be comfortable with people sampling, writing sequels and so on, but not with them just publishing your work elsewhere, as you may want to sell it.

I’m aware that there are many creators who’ve had success selling stuff even though it is freely available, and in this day and age that’s pretty much the case for any creator really; but it’s certainly a license I’d consider myself.

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