Following on from the previous libraries 2.0 post… some quick thoughts on how cataloguing tools would work in a 2.0 catalogue.

Traditional cataloguing tools would be retained – library collections would still be catalogued according to library standards. However, new tools would be needed for managing user-catalogued items and suggested amendments to existing items. Spell-checkers would be useful (for traditional cataloguing tools as well, actually, judging by some of the records I’ve seen), but they’d need to be able to draw on authority indices as an additional dictionary to allow authors’ names to be recognised. (One of the banes of many book-related 2.0 services I’ve seen is misspellings of author names.) It could be worth highlighting author names which turn up in other fields, as well. A separate signifier for “this word/name is spelled in one of several possible valid ways” could be useful, though as with any such tool the option to turn it off would need to be available to the end user. Finally, a blacklist of offensive terms could be a useful filtering tool for public libraries which would hesitate to catalogue legitimate materials with offensive titles – the majority of such submissions to an open catalogue would be potty-mouthed idiots rather than real titles anyway.